As an attempt to promote and present Iranian art and culture in the international community, AramArt culture and art institute is presenting the Sheed festival, the first Persian film festival in the DFW metroplex. “Sheed “ is an old Persian word meaning a light from above; an illumination coming from the sky.

The Sheed festival will be held for four days, starting on May 27th, 2016 and closing on May 30th, screening valuable Iranian movies produced during the recent years. Persian cinema, and especially Iranian cinema, has been witnessing the emergence of several young and admirably ambitious directors during the past decade. A mixture of young and experienced directors and a different look at the basic elements of cinema has made Iranian movies have a brilliant performance on the international scene.

Due to its prosperous economy and its welcoming atmosphere, the DFW area has been hosting an increasing number of immigrants from different nationalities, who come to the area for better jobs and higher life qualities. The multicultural atmosphere of the area necessitates more than ever before a variety of cultural and artistic activities and events. AramArt, as the major organizer of this annual festival, aims to gather different cultures and nationalities in the metroplex close to each other for an overview of Persian culture and art.

We look forward to seeing you in the first Sheed festival.